Sea Star Inn

Address: Seastar Inn. 4 Seastar Road, West End, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica    Reservation Line: 1-876-957-0553 / Fax Line: 1-876-640-2473


The Seastar Inn Restaurant has extensive lunch and dinner menus featuring Jamaican and North American cuisine.
A variety of chicken, fish, lobster, conch, pork and beef selections are complimented by veggie and pasta dishes to satisfy every palate.
Homemade soups served with each entree. They can also be ordered as an appetizer or a meal.
Don’t forget our fresh Catch of the Day – steamed or brown stew style, straight from the Caribbean Sea.


Coffee/Tea $1.00
Two Eggs & Toast $2.00
Pancakes & Toast $3.00
Two Eggs Home Fries & Toast $4.00
Bacon Ham or Sausages $4.00
Spanish Omelette and Home Fries & Toast $7.00
Cheese Omelette and Home Fries & Toast $6.00
Small Fruit Plate $5.00
Large Fruit Plate $8.00
Ackee & Satlfish $10.00
(with yam potato dumplins and vegetables) Quench Your Thirst
Red Stripe /Local liquors $3.00
Blended Fruit Punch $4.00
Red Bull $3.00
Fruit Juices $2.00
Soda Pop $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Milk $1.00
Coffee or Tea $1.00
For Kids Only
Junior Cheese Burger with Potato Wedges $6.00
Chicken Fingers with potato Wedges $6.00
Grilled Cheese with PotatoWedges $6.00
Fish Fingers with Poato Wedges $7.00
Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce $6.00
Macaroni and Cheese $5.00

Prices are in U.S. dollars.
General Consumption Tax included.
Gratuities not included


Seafood Salad
Lobster and shrimp served with lettuce tomato cucumber onion cheese and choice of dressing $15.00
Fish Fingers
Country fried fish strips served with tarter sauce $8.00
Jerk Chicken Salad
Tasty jerk chicken strips served with lettuce tomato onion cheese and cucumber $9.00
Chicken Fingers
Country fried chicken strips served with Francine’s Spicy Jerk Sauce or BBQ sauce $7.00
Fruit Plate
Banana papaya pineapple and seasonal fruits
Small $5.00
Large $9.00
Home Fries
Made with local potatoes $4.00
Coconut Shrimp
Coconut breaded and country fried. Served with limes and tarter sauce $12.00
Chicken Quesadilla
Jerk chicken with mozzarella and cheddar cheese between two flour tortillas $8.00
Chicken Wings
Country fried chicken wings served with Francine’s Spicy Jerk Sauce or BBQ sauce $8.00
A Canadian favorite. Homemade fries topped with cheddar cheese and beef gravy $6.00
House Salad
Lettuce tomato onion cucumber and cheese
Small $3.00
Large $6.00
Soup of the Day
A hearty bowl of soup served with a dinner roll $3.00

Sandwiches and Pizza

Lobster Sandwich
Lobster mixed with mayonnaise tomato lettuce and onion $12.00
Fish Fillet Sandwich
A lightly battered snapper fillet served with lettuce tomato and onion $8.00
Choice of jerk chicken roast beef or jerk pork with onions sweet pepper lettuce and cheese in a flour tortilla $8.00
Seastar Burger
1/2 pound flame grilled and served with onions cheese lettuce and tomato $8.00
Vegetables Sandwich
Tomato lettuce cucumber and onion $6.00
Jerk Chicken Club
Club style sandwich served with jerk chicken bacon lettuce tomato onion and cheese $10.00
Jerk Sausage Sandwich
Spicy jumbo sausage served with relish fried onions lettuce and tomato $6.00
BLT Sandwich
Bacon lettuce and tomato $8.00
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Tuna mixed with mayonnaise and topped with onion tomato and lettuce $7.00
Fried Egg Sandwich
Served with onion tomato lettuce and cheese $6.00
12” thin crust with our chef’s gourmet sauce and loads of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.Try one of our combos or add your own toppings to the cheese pizza.
Pineapple and ham with sweet pepper onion and tomato $17.00
Sweet pepper onions and tomato $14.00
With sweet pepper onion and tomato $13.00
Lobster and shrimp with sweet pepper onion and tomato $22.00
Bacon ham beef pepperoni onions tomato sweet pepper and chicken $20.00
Extra Toppings
Chicken Pepperoni Bacon Ham Onions Extra Cheese Sweet Pepper Pineapple and Tomato Vegetable/Cheese $2.00
Meat $3.00


Lobster Thermidor
Sautéed lobster garlic onion sweet pepper and coconut cream served in the shell topped with cheddar cheese $24.00
Coconut Shrimp
Coconut breaded and country fried $22.00
Garlic Shrimp
Sautéed in garlic butter with onions and sweet pepper $20.00
Red Snapper Fillet
Grilled steamed or pan fried. Served with onions and sweet pepper $15.00
Grilled Lobster
A whole lobster split and flame grilled served with garlic butter $22.00
Curried Conch
Sautéed in coconut curry sauce with onions sweet pepper and garlic $14.00
Whole Red Snapper
Brown stewed or steamed. Served with onions and sweet pepper $14.00
Catch of the Day
Brown stewed steamed or fried grilled $15.00
Surf and Turf
Steak Lobster and Shrimp
5 oz flame grilled beef tenderloin topped with garlic shrimp and lobster $34.00
Seafood Fettuccine
Sautéed lobster shrimp snapper garlic sweet peppers and tomato in a coconut cream sauce $22.00
Spaghetti Bolognese
Tomato sauce with ground beef onions sweet peppers tomato and garlic $14.00
Rasta Pasta
Spaghetti with onions sweet peppers garlic cho-cho carrots green beans and tomato served with coconut cream or tomato sauce $14.00
Spaghetti Marinara
Tomato sauce with onions sweet peppers tomato and garlic $11.00

Entrees & Desserts

All entrees are served with soup, dinner rolls, vegetables and choice of rice, home made fries or mashed potatoes

New Yoork Steak
New York Steak flame grilled to your specifications $24.00
Jerk Chicken
Three pieces grilled and served with Francine’s Spicy Jerk Sauce $12.00
Fried Chicken
Three pieces of succulent chicken fried golden brown $12.00
Pot Roast Beef
Slowly cooked slices of roast beef served with gravy onions and sweet pepper $14.00
Steamed Vegetables
Cabbage calalloo cho-cho green beans carrots garlic onion and green peppers steamed in vegetable broth $9.00
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Stuffed with ham and cheese then lightly battered and fried golden brown $15.00
Curried Chicken
Succulent boneless chicken breasts sautéed with onions peppers and garlic in a creamy coconut curry sauce $12.00
Jerk Pork
Flame grilled and served with Francine’s Spicy Jerk Sauce onions and sweet pepper $14.00
Brown Stew Chicken
Succulent boneless chicken sautéed with onions sweet peppers and other natural spices then slowly cooked in a brown sauce $12.00
Sweet and Sour Pork
Tender pork loin sautéed with sweet pepper onions garlic peppers and pineapple in a traditional Jamaican sauce $14.00
For the Sweet Tooth
Ice Cream $3.00
Chocolate Cake $4.00
Frozen Cheese Cake (Mocha or Key Lime $5.00


Tequila triple sec / fresh squeezed lime and simple sugar. Available in banana / pineapple / papaya or strawberry $6
Rum Runner
Over proof rum / blackberry brandy / triple sec / grenadine and orange juice $5
Negril Banana Smoothie
Light rum / Coffee Liqueur / ice cream and banana $5
Rum cream / Coffee Liqueur / grenadine and banana $5
Purple Rain
Vodka / blue curaçao / grenadine / fresh cut pineapple and lime juice $4
Fruit Punch
All fresh fruit; banana / papaya and pineapple. Natural or strawberry flavored $4
Rum cream Coffee Liqueur / and vodka. Natural / banana / or strawberry flavored $5
Piña Colada
Coconut rum / apricot brandy / fresh cut pineapple / coconut cream $5
Dirty Banana
Tia Maria / cacao brown / banana / and clear syrup $5
Fresh Fruit Daiquiris
Light rum / lime juice and simple sugar. Available in banana / pineapple / papaya / or strawberry $5
Vodka / rum / gin / etc… Mixed with lime juice and sugar $4
Banana / Chocolate or Strawberry $4
Vodka / lime juice / triple sec and cranberry juice $5
Jamaica Mi Crazy
Myers / Blue Curacao / coconut rum / pineapple juice and orange juice $5
Over proof rum / Appleton rum / apricot brandy / triple sec / pineapple juice / lime juice and grenadine $6
Caribbean Cruise
Vodka / coconut rum / Appleton rum / orange juice and red syrup $6
Jamaica Delight
Appleton rum / apricot brandy / pineapple juice / simple sugar and lime juice $5
Sex on the Cliff
Peach Schnapps / vodka / orange and cranberry juice $5
Gin or vodka a hint of dry vermouth and olives $5
Myers / Appleton / gin / amaretto / grenadine / orange juice / pineapple juice and lime juice $5
No Problem
Coconut rum Cherry brandy pineapple juice orange juice lime juice and clear syrup $4
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila orange juice and a splash of grenadine $5
Vodka and Clamato Juice spiced with Francine’s Pepper Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce $5
White Russian
Coffee Liqueur vodka and milk $5
Bay Breeze
Vodka cranberry juice and pineapple juice $4
Rum Punch
Over proof rum Appleton and fruit juice $4

Wines and Liquors

House Wines
Frontera Merlot Chile Glass:$5.00 Bottle:$20:00
Frontera Chardonnay Chile Glass:$5.00 Bottle:$20:00
White Wines
Woodridge by Mondavi Chardinnay $30.00
Woodridge by Mondavi Pinot Grigio $30.00
Red Wines
Woodridge by Mondavi Merlot $30.00
Woodridge by Mondavi Pinot Noir $30.00
Local Liquors $3.00
Red Stripe $3.00
Red Stripe Light $4.00
Heineken $4.00
Guinsess $4.00
1/4 Bottle Rum/Gin/Vodka $9.00
Smirnoff Ice $4.00
Liqueurs $4.00
Imported Liquor $5.00
Premium Imported Liquors $7.00
Appleton VX $4.00
Sambuca $5.00
Hennessy $6.00
Bailey’s $7.00
Canadian Club $7.00